SynerQi’s Privacy Policy

1.1 As legally required by the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW) and the Australian Privacy Principles, this Privacy Policy explains how personal information is collected, protected, used and shared. Solicited personal information is collected such as when an appointment is made online (name, d.o.b, email address, mobile number) or when a new client and consent form is filled in on paper or electronically. Further, treatment notes are recorded during each appointment.
1.2 All information gathered and recorded by SynerQi about its client is safely secured by using and is used for practitioner’s reference only.
1.3 With the client’s consent, any relevant information may be shared with an allied health professional or doctor who is also caring for the client; or when such information is required by law.
1.4 Clients can request to view their files. Inactive files can be archived anonymously except for those files which are to be retained for legal reasons.
1.5 If the client feels uncomfortable about having his/her personal information stored electronically, then we can meet his/her request eg. keeping the file anonymous or use a made-up name.
1.6 Client’s personal details such as mobile and email details may rarely be used for marketing purposes. There is an option to opt-out at any time.
1.7 Appointment reminders are sent via SMS; Appointment confirmations can be emailed or sent via SMS and Invoices are emailed. Upon request, the client can request to opt-out of any of these options.
1.8 Active clients will be advised if any changes are made to the privacy policy, or anything related to the collection and use of clients’ personal information.

Last updated Aug 2020.