Muscular Skeletal

muscle skeletal

When managing muscular pain, I typically combine acupuncture treatments with Chinese herbal medicine.

The outlook of what causes pain in TCM is that blood movement through parts of the body is impaired. If the Qi is not circulating properly the blood congeals (stagnation), manifesting in pain. For example a  bruise seen under the skins surface is an accumulation of blood that is not moving. If pressure place on the bruise pain is felt. So the theory goes if we can move blood and Qi via  administering acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine may be able to help manage the pain and aid in the recovery process.

In clinic I thoroughly enjoy working with clients with sciatica, sprained joints, frozen shoulder, tennis and golfers elbow, shin splints, post-surgery care from rotator cuff tears and knee injuries. It is great working as a team, with other allied health professions from other organisation helping our client back on the road of recovery.