Muscular Skeletal

muscle skeletal

When managing muscular pain and injuries, I typically combine acupuncture treatments with Chinese herbal medicine. I have a special interest in sciatica, sprained joints, frozen shoulder, tennis and golfers elbow, shin splints, post-surgery care from rotator cuff tears and knee injuries.

The outlook of what causes pain in TCM is that blood movement in the body is impaired. For the blood to move Qi is needed. Qi is seen as the commander of blood and is the force which moves the blood and can help alleviate the pain. If blood is not circulating properly the blood congeals (stagnation), manifesting in pain. To give an example, a bruise is accumulated blood. If pressure is placed on the bruise, pain is felt. The pain goes away as the bruise heals.  Similarly, an injured site does not allow blood to circulate adequately causing pain. Acupuncture activates the circulation of Qi and allows the blood to move through, which in turn can help manage the pain.