Chinese Herbs

herbal medicine

I use a wide variety of herbal medicine, including Chinese herbal medicine to help manage a range of health problems. Patent pills and granulated herbal formulas are the prefered types of alternate medicines that are available at SynerQi. Methodically, a selection of granulated herbs are chosen to suit your pattern of disharmony and may assist in your general wellbeing. These finely crushed herbs are stirred in with approximately 200ml of boiled water, much like instant coffee.

Traditional herbs have also been formulated into patent pills (capsules) for convenient and easy consumption. It also doesn’t have any associated taste unlike the granule form. At the end of the day, your herbalist will advise what form of herbal medicine will suit your needs and lifestyle best.

If you have any questions about Chinese herbal medicine, or to book a consultation time, please do not hesitate to call.