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SynerQi Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine has re-located in Sept 2021.

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As of Monday 27th Sept. 2021 SynerQi Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine will be based at the Mount Annan Shopping Village;

Shop 2, 2-4 Main St Mount Annan.

Offering Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Fire Cupping, Hijama (bloodletting), Moxibustion & all the wonderful combination therapy Traditional Chinese Medicine has to offer.

Aside from my services, on-site we also have;
Complete Biotherapy Chiropractic – Geoff Cook – 0416 924 476

Joseph Ierano Chiropractor – (02) 4648 5566

Complete Recovery Centre – Michael Ransom – 0432 286 242 Sports Massage, Infrared Sauna & Normatec Compression

Please contact each practitioner individually to book your appointments.

Look forward to seeing you all.

Targeting the second brain (the gut) with acupuncture to help reduce anxiety.

Are you dealing with any of these ongoing symptoms? 

  • racing heartbeat 
  • a ball in your throat 
  • heavy chest 
  • shortness of breath 
  • foggy head 
  • worrying all the time 
  • fatigued 
  • obsessive thinking 
  • nervous tension in the tummy 
  • poor sleep 
  • digestive issue 
  • trouble relaxing 
  • did reading this make your head spin?  

Such symptoms are indicators of excess emotional distress buried in the body. When emotions such as anger, fear and sadness are suppressed they’ll start to manifest in such undesirable ways. 

Are you 1 of the 3 million Australians currently living with Anxiety? 

If yes, this is an article that could make a world of a difference for you. 

But first, let me check. 


Research shows that acupuncture has moderate benefits in the treatment of anxiety. Often the root cause for anxiety is suppressed emotions and one’s environment often triggers these unresolved emotions. Acupuncture can bring awareness & help manage trauma stored in the body and help calm one’s reaction to environmental triggers.  

But how? Glad you asked.  

The abdominal area is often called the second brain and like the brain, there are a lot of neural connections in this region. By stimulating these points with acupuncture, endorphins (the feel-good drug naturally produced by the body) are released creating a feeling of calmness. 

Segue. I’d love to share a few recent client cases of mine in treating anxiety. Each of these clients noticed a significant difference after approximately 4 treatments. 

  1. I have a client (school teacher) with anxiety and when met with weekly confrontations, my client would suddenly get stomach pain and an urgency to go to the toilet. (Now that’s a teacher losing their sh*t 😉). Since having acupuncture, the urgency and pain have greatly reduced. 
  2. Another client constantly gets put down by their mother. They live together, they’re on anti-depressants, it wasn’t well managed, always feeling anxious and exhausted. Now they’re able to tolerate their mothers’ negativity without getting so overwhelmed. 
  3. Another client, whilst at the shops would always think everyone was talking about them. They’d experience shortness of breath, tight chest, difficulty making decisions. Currently, not experiencing any of the mentioned symptoms. 

There is a significant relationship between our emotions, our gut health, and our mental health. Abdominal Acupuncture can help release endorphins to rebalance the body back to a state of homeostasis. 

Here are some examples of how our emotions affect our gut and vice versa.  We can suddenly loose our appetite when we feel incredibly sad, angry or even excited. Or, when we haven’t eaten in a while, we get angry. Or we get nervous poos. And the commonly used term ‘I have a gut feeling’ is often said with little thought. Like the brain, we know our gut communicates with us. 

The ongoing stress of everyday life has an impact on our health. We need to nurture the environment of our gut so the natural feel-good endorphins can be released. If we nurture the garden of microbiomes found in our gut with Abdominal Acupuncture, our emotions will be harmonised and our mindset will be in a better state. 

Is acupuncture worth a go?




The healing powers of the Wolverine; case study

A client came in to see me 8 weeks post-surgery recovering from a fracture on his right hand, 3rd metacarpal. He was involved in an altercation at a club 3.5 months ago and his right hand came out second best when his fist hit a wall.  

I looked at the x-ray pre and post-surgery and told him that his right hand looks like the Six Million Dollar Man’s bionic hand. His 3rd metacarpal was made up of metal braces and nuts and bolts. He is a carpenter and has now had to be heavily reliant on his left hand to do must of the work. The inflammation, pain and stiffness had been exuberated by the cold weather. 

I knew I had to promote blood circulation through the right injured hand and warm the area. I did not want to acupuncture an area that was inflamed, stiff and painful. In this case, I liked to acupuncture the left hand. They both are homologous structures that work in the same way, so I decided to acupuncture the good left hand which is yang to balance the yin injured right hand. Whilst the needles were in the left (good hand), I placed a heat-lamp over the right (injured) hand and asked my client to move his wrist and fingers during the treatment.

My client came in for 6 treatments over a period of a month. I used numerous acupuncture points but my favourite acupuncture points for him were the 3 Wolverines.  

Treatment outcomes differ between clients, it is important to consult with your acupuncturist to see how they can help. 

Jeffrey Fricot – Synerqi Wellness Centre 



ginger moxa and arthritis

It’s the middle of winter and arthritic sufferers are doing it tough. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can help manage arthritic pain, for example, tenderness, stiffness and swelling felt in joints triggered by cold weather by applying ginger moxa to affected areas.

As long as there is no heat or warmth found in the body or joints ginger moxa for arthritis involves directly placing thin slices of ginger on specific acupuncture points and burning the moxa (mugwort herb) on top of the ginger slices. The ginger and moxa contain warming properties which penetrate into the points thus dispersing cold from the joints and increasing blood and Qi circulation, relieving joint pain and stiffness.

This ancient practice is a natural and effective treatment form for many arthritic sufferers who experience discomfort triggered by the cold.

Click here to jump to our website page on arthritis, and find out more about when ginger moxa for arthritis might be a recommended treatment option for you, and how TCM diagnoses and manages the various forms of arthritic pain triggered by the cold, heat, wind, dampness, dryness or a combination of any of these.

Here’s a 7min video showing various lifestyle choices and natural remedies including moxa therapy which may help manage arthritis pain. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Wishing you good health,
Jeff Fricot – TCM Practitioner, SynerQi Wellness Centre

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